What is a cookie? What is a pixel? cookie?
Cookies are files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to the user’s device used when visiting a website. Its main purpose is to recognize the user each time they access our website and also allows us to improve the quality and usability of our website. Cookies are essential for the functioning of the internet, providing innumerable advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating navigation and usability of a web page. Cookies cannot damage the equipment, however, being active helps us to identify and resolve possible operating errors.

A pixel is a small piece of code inserted in a web page or in an email, which allows us to find out how a user interacts with certain web content or email content, in order to measure and personalize the browsing experience.

Are they necessary to be able to browse the web?
Only those that serve for personalized and secure browsing are essential, that is, those indicated as “necessary cookies”. The rest are optional and can be configured by the user in a personalized way.

Cookies and other technologies used
The cookies and other technologies used on this website are detailed below, along with the characteristics of each of them.

– Technical cookies
They are essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Web and the use of the different options and services it offers.

– Own cookies





At the end of the navigation

User session identification cookie registered on the web


– Analytical cookies
They allow the monitoring and analysis of user behavior during navigation. They are not strictly necessary.

Some of the data saved for later analysis are: number of times a user visits the website, dates of the user’s first and last visit, duration of visits, from which page the user accessed the website, which search engine they used the user to reach the web or on which link he clicked, from where in the world the user accessed, etc.





1 year

Cookie used for the proper functioning of Google Analytics. This cookie is composed of the following information: Domain Hash, random unique ID, Timestamp (Date) first visit, Timestamp (Date) last session, Visit counter


30 minutes

Used by google analytics to know the duration that the user spends on the page and the number of pages visited. Makes a visits/sessions ratio


At the end of the navigation

Cookie used by Google Analytics that, together with _utmb, is used to know if a new session is established for a certain user.


10 minutes

Cookie generated by modifying the _SetVar method of Google Analytics and its function is to activate an event after a number of visits, whether they are registered users or not.


0 minutes

Cookie used by Google to distinguish visits, for example, to know the visits of registered or unregistered users.


1.5 years

Cookie used by Google to know from where and how the user has reached the web.


You can consult Google’s privacy conditions at:


Are data transfers made to other countries outside the EU?
The user can find out about transfers to third countries in the links provided in the “Privacy Conditions” section of the table above.

Is this policy subject to change?
This policy may be modified based on new demands or legal requirements. In the event that the modifications introduced are significant, the user will be informed by means of a notice on the web.

Browser-based settings
The user can allow, block or delete cookies and other technologies installed on their computer by configuring the browser options installed on their device. Next, you can access the configuration of the main web browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Other browsers not indicated